This website is developed by our researchers affiliated in Data Mining Lab of WHO’sGOOD, PBC

when they stayed in Washington D.C. for 50 days. The interest in the chemical substances raises due to numerous incidents by companies. Therefore, we see the necessity to provide more accurate information based on objective data. Hence, we combined open data obtained by WHO’sGOOD and PRTR data that is released by each country’s government; we applied US EPA’s risk methodology to this combined data. In the mean time we designed the effective tool to deliver information according to user’s interest and needs. Our current website is a work in progress and it is first Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We are still at the brainstorming stage and we will keep seeking for better tool to understand risk and hazard of toxic substances that corporations are using. With United States and Korea as the starting points, wants to provide information on toxic chemical substances emitted by corporations around the world; to suggest a new perspective on the chemical substances through the various analysis methods. Humankind have reached to the point where one can’t live without the chemical substances. Therefore, we have to know better, understand enough and manage the chemical substances fully.